This Timeline is set to establish the life of Robert April, the Designer, Construction Supervisor and Finally the First Captain of the Starship ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701. The people that will use this are looking for an accurate timeline of the character and the history during his life.

History of project

Following known CANNON and Non-Cannon information that Actually fits the Timeline during the Life of the main character (Robert M. (T.) April) from the end of High School to his command of the Constitution Class Starship, ENTERPRISE.

I have been writing about this Fictional character for the last year and have over One-Thousand pages written. I am currently going through the process of proofing the information, spell checking and checking my sentence structures. I have to fill in a bit of the timeline and add Two stories that I have recently written (well...3). It is a never ending process that I will have to decide when enough is enough and just get it done.