Character Lists: 2211-2215

Anon April-Father,
Bethany April-Mother, 
Hesher-Captain of the S.S. Aja, J-Class Cargo Transport, Elderly, 
Phlox-Denobulan Race, Orangeish skin color, Doctor, Served with Travis Mayweather, 
Travis Mayweather, Tall Black man, Helmsman, Served with Phlox, 
Johnathan-Name in Remote-Control Model case, 
Simi-Name in Remote-Control Model Case, Written on Engineering Calculations
Luke-Child, Boy, Atagonizer, Older of the Two Boys ~14yo, 
Leonard-Child, Boy, Atagonizer, Younger of the Two Boys ~12yo, 
See'ers-Trans-Dimensional beings, Telepathic, 
U.S.S. LANCASTER-Federation Starship, 
Klein-Chief Engineer on the LANCASTER, 
Einicrox-Federation President, Once a Starship Captain, Fought in the Romulan Wars, Was Presumed Dead in the Inaicu Attack, 
Grieves-Lieutenant, Serves aboard the CHALLENGER, 
Sarrah Sinefield-Friend, Long Time Friend, Female, 
Talar-Andorian Race, Female, Early Atoganizer, Later Friend, 2nd Year Cadet, 2211, Shared Advanced Propulsion Class, Ensign, Security aboard the U.S.S. GANGHES, On U.S.S. PYROEIS for Shakedown cruise, Became Commander of the Andorian Cruiser AUK, 
Boothby-Gardner, Grounds Keeper, 
Frasher-Zoolie Race, Race part of Klingon Empire, Adopted by the Fitzes and Raised in Worchester England, Cadet First Class, 
Robertson-Dean, Oversees Campus, Admiral, Played Captain of the U.S.S. John Redday, 
Pazernstash-Kzin Race, Tall, "Panther", 
Mr.Seron-Vulcan Race, 
Yamaguchi-Admiral, Field Training Classes
Drixxel-Cadet, Tellerite, 
Bergra-Cadet, Tellerite, 
Suren-Cadet, Andorian Race, 
Christonson-Cadet, Engineer, Female, 
Greagor Fortenberry-Admiral, Engineering Major, The 'Detailer', 
Mary Spencer-Cadet, 
Bullruner-Cadet, Native American
Mr.Burgess-Welder, Works at the SanFransisco Shipyards, Friends with Robert, 
Mrs.Burgess-Wife to Mr.Burgess,
Mr.Sivek-Vulcan, Instructor, Probability Mechanics Major, 
Mr.Benthoven-Cadet, April's Nemesis, 
Mr.Carlson-Cadet, Rejected from the academy, 
Fairchild-Admiral, Engineering Extension Course, 
Suren-NOVA Team Flight Leader, Cadet First Class,
Mr.Archer-Admiral, Jonathan, 
Mullins-Commander, NOVA Flight Team, 
Howell-Admiral, Academy Extension Course #4077, Female, Unknown Alien Race, Tall and Lanky, Early 40's, Dark Eyes, light Hair, 
Ichabod Crane-Cadet Second Class, NOVA Flight Team,
Lloyd DeWaters-Cadet Third Class, NOVA Flight Team, 
Fry Franklin-Cadet Third Class, NOVA Flight Team, 
Mal Rogers-Cadet Second Class, NOVA Flight Team, Female, 
Kelly MacDonald-Cadet Third Class, 
Mr.Gretcher-Captain of the S.S. Mule Herder, J-Class Cargo Transport, Falorian Race, Training Cruise 1, 
Maxamillion-Pilot of the S.S. Mule Herder, 'Max', 
Panner-Admiral, Advanced Tactical Training
Stiles-Captain, During the Romulan Wars, Sector 2148, 
Mr.Anderson-Legal Represenative, Judge Advocate, JAG Officer, 
Grenich-Tellerite, Prosecuter, 
Christine Stormwalker-Captain, U.S.S. PYROEIS, Female, Native American, Algonquian, Training Cruise 2, 
Menenin-Ensign, Sulamid Race, Science Department, 
Durgess-Lieutenant, Falorian Race, Helm, 
Dershire-Lieutenant Junior Grade, Navigations and Weapons, 
Arcee-Commander, First Officer, 
Lou Burch-Commander, Engineering, Female, 
Dr.Miriam Malloy, Lead Designer, Mars Shipyards, Engineering Studies, Elderly, Caring, 
Dr.Bernard Bernard, Propulsion Design, Mars Shipyards, 
Dr.Charles Montgomery, Life Support, Emergency Back-Up Systems, Mars Shipyards, 
Dr.Emily Yeverson, Interiors, Mars Shipyards, 
Sarah Poole-Nurse, Female, Medical Facility aboard Mars Space Station, 
Ambrosia-Commander, Medical Facility aboard Mars Space Station, 
Herman Mullet-Commander, Large Black Man, 
Porter-Admiral, Advanced Engineering Studies, Tall, Muscular, 
Louise Sanchez-Commander, Propulsion Department, 
Oslaw Walden-Commander, Supplimental Systems, 
S'Teer-Commander, Sensors, Vegitarian, Vulcan, 
Scurrin-Enviromental Systems, Eats Raw Meats, Xindi Reptilian, 
Dolfar-Back-Up Systems, 
Yuewan-Lieutenant, Power Relays, Female, Friends with Selven, 
Neveck Houm-Lieutenant Junior Grade, Structural, Unknown Race, 
Heather Finnious-Lieutenant, Shields and Internal Dampeners, Very Tall, White Hair, White Eyes with Silver Pupils, Mercanian Race, Very Young, Comes from a Different Galaxy, Shares Knowlege from Ancestors, 
Tarra Selven-Commander, Weapons, Female, Friends with Yuewan, 
Michael Thrasher-Doctor, Medical Coordinator, 
Rethew Ferris-Commander, Sanitary and Plumbing, Unknown Race, Unknown Sex, 
Robert Henry Smith-Interior Designs, Antagonist, 
Filin-Captain, Orion, Pirate, of the Orion Embrent, 
G'Rael-Starship Designer, Andorian, Very Old, 
Raul-Starship Designer, Andorian, 
Abayomi Abu Maloof-Warp Drive designer, Starfleet, Worked with Pleshun Company, Tall Black Northern African, Commander, 
Admiral Cotame-Jupiter Fleetyards Lead Designer, 
Teresa Oswald-Starship Designer, Jupiter Fleetyards, 
Franklin Kerns-Starship Designer, 80 years old, Jupiter Fleet Yards, 
"Space Monthly", Magazine, Publish up to date articles of Space Exploration,
"Technical Twenty-Two Manual", Required Material for the "Engineering Major" Class, "Structural Fastening" Chapter
U.S.S. Aerfen-Fighter Class Vessel-At SanFransisco Shipyards in 2211,
Crystalline Emiristol-Solid Rocket Propulsion, Used to lift Small craft and used in manuevering starships,
Avidyne Engine-Used in small craft for forward propulsion,


Character List: 2215 - 2222


Admiral Cotame-Lead Designer, Jupiter Fleet Yards, 
Admiral Porter-Lead Designer, 
Captain Dobson-Commands the U.S.S. TIBERIUS Boneventure Class, 
Snacchet-Commander, Serves aboard the U.S.S. TIBERIUS, Kzin Race, 
Colian-Chief Engineer, Serves aboard the U.S.S. TIBERIUS, 
Sarah Poole-Roberts Fieance, 
Dearen Reth-Construction Team Leader, Jupiter Fleet Yards, 
Packard-Starship Designed for the Tellerites by Robert April, 
Greven-A Tellerite Race Civilian, 
Derev-Tellerite Race, Council Leader of Tellar, 
George Samuel Kirk-Roberts Friend, Lives in Iowa, 
James Kirk-Georges older brother, Lives in Iowa, 
Thzee-Aenar Race, Female, Child, 
Admiral Gregory Fortenberry-Friends with Robert April, 
Sarek-Ambassador, Vulcan, 
Shurn-Parent of Thzee, Starship designer Seven Years, Warp Drive Engineer Seven Years, Working at Jupiter Shipyards (2215), Ak'Shurn Kor Alijij (Andorian Name), From the Thallassan Region, Became a Lieutenant (2215), 
Firh-Parent of Thzee, Female, Birth Mother, 
Skom-Parent of Thzee, 
Dersh-Parent of Thzee, 
Robert received a Rank increase from Lieutenant (2215) to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
Onyah-Commander, Captain of the MARIPOSA, 
Saren-Ambassador, Vulcan, 
Harry Morrow-To accept Cargo from Robert (2220), Commander, Starfleet Special Projects Division, 
Andrus Suder-Betazoid Race, Older than Thzee, 
Admiral Guillermo Cajal-Lead Designer from Utopia Planatia Fleetyards, 
Jar'Pajhall-Starfleet Special Projects Division, Translucent with Twelve Tentacles and Four Eyes that float within the dome of it's body and spoke through a modified Voder, aka "Paul", 
Junjor Jai'il Ma'Quars-aka "Junior", Ship Shield Designer, Warp Drive designer, Hamalki Race, From the Hamal Star System, Worked for the Aritis Four Shipyards for 4 years, 
Bobby Armstrong-Young boy, Passenger on J-Class, 4 years old, 
Anna Armstrong-Mother of Young Boy (Bobby), Passenger on J-Class, 
Frank Armstrong-Father of young boy (Bobby), Passenger on J-Class, 
Lord Byron-Elderly Man, Passenger on J-Class, Last remaining Heir of the family castle, 87 years old, 
Admiral Otherone-Instructor in Command Class, 
Alicia Samuels-Cadet, Command Class, 
Sulin-Cadet, Vulcan, Command Class, 
Rhhiiuuss-aka Russ, worked for the Aloukin Shipyard, Sauria Star System, 15 yeasr as an engineer, Saurian Race, 
Dalia-Cadet, Medical, Survival Course, 
Shureen-Cadet, Linguist, Survival Course, 
Frth-Cadet, Engineering, Survival Course, 
Sandy Harawitz-Cadet, Culanary, Survival Course, 
Cindy Shurman-Cadet, Astrology, Survival Course, 
Gene Sheen-Cadet, Logistics, Survival Course, 
Shurm Patterson-Cadet, History, Survival Course, Andorian, 
Baley-Cadet, Computer Tech, Survival Course, 
Bolinor-Cadet, Research, Survival Course, Naussican Race, 
Fred Hamilton-Academy Staff Member, 
Charles Porter-Medical Lab Technician, 
Stykles-Doctor, Jupiter Shipyards, 
Admiral Archer-Johnathan, 
Haan-Russ's baby, Saurian Race, 
Traeth-The Ancient, Saurian Race, 
Sseeko-The Bearer (Mother), Saurian Race, 
Ssaam-The new Grower,  Saurian Race, 
Haerhii-The Old Grower, Saurian Race, 
Arheah-The Keeper of the Haanssaethraeh, Saurian Race, 
Isla Kirk-Female, 
Admiral Robinson-Advanced Tactical Training, 
Harold Rippley-Fleet Commander, Second Armada (2159.190), United Earth Fleet, 
Rusilov Petrovisky'-Fleet Captain, Fifth Fleet (2159.190), United Earth Fleet, 
Klein-Captain, Fighter Group (2159.190). 
Robert Rudgley-Communications Officer for Fleet Commander Harold Ripley (2159.190), 
Sseeko-aka Robert April's Saurian name, means Giver of Life, 
Slevik-Cadet, Vulcan, Advanced tactical Training Class, 
RIVET-Roberts J-Class Cargo vessel, aka the Cargo Tug Shran, 
ROLFHOUS-Andorian Light Defense Vessel, 
U.S.S. MARIPOSA-Starfleet chase vessel, 
U.S.S. Valiant NCC-1223-Ranger Class, Was lost in the Eminiar Star System in the NGC 321 Star Cluster, To be Refitted (2215), 
U.S.S. TIBERIUS NCC-1288 Quetzalcoatl Class, 

Character List: 2222 - 2231

Admiral Howell-Academy Officer, 
Shurn-Andorian, Works at Jupiter Fleet Yards with Robert, 
Russ-Saurian, Works at Jupiter Fleet Yards with Robert, 
Junior-Hamalki, Works at Jupiter Fleet Yards with Robert, 
Admiral Sivek-Vulcan, Academy Officer, 
Doctor Reed-Psychiatrist, Helped Robert Design an Academy Test, 
Admiral Robertson-Dean, Starfleet Academy, 
Admiral Cotame-Jupiter Shipyard, Lead Designer, 
Abrams-Fleet Captain (2160), Fourth Fleet, 
U.S.S. TIBERIUS NCC-436 Paris Class Light Cruiser Mk-IV 2198
Captain Curtis-Previous Captain, 
Admiral Porter-Mars Station Lead Designer, Mars Spacedock, 
Burgess-Fleet Captain, 7th Battle Fleet, 
Tanya Terrance-Number One, Lieutenant Commander, 
J'Mar-Science Officer, 
Doctor Henry Stafford-Medical, 
David Donaldson-Engineering, Lieutenant, 
Fredrick Angelo Martinez-Communications, Lieutenant Junior Grade, 
Gretta Sherwood-Yeoman, 
Evans-Weapons, Female, Petty Officer, 
UxPal-Diplomat, From MabBu, 
Mr.Frasher-Academy friend, 
Buck-Mess Hall Attendant, 
Ghanges-Ensign, in Engineering Department, 
Travis Davidson-Helmsman, 
Salin-Bridge Officer, Vulcan, 
Brown-Ensign, Engineering Department, Specialty of Impulse Drives, 
Sharron Cruuz-Lieutenant, Sensor Operator, 
Onyah-Commander, Captain of the MARIPOSA, 
Colt-Colonel, Captain of the GOSHAWK, Veteran of the Romulan War, Senior Member of the United Earth Forces, 
Talar-Andorian, Friend from Academy, District Chief Counstable of the town on Mab-Bu, Female, 
Remm-Arms Dealer, Ferengi Race, 
Mawafana-From the Thaae Consortium, 
Faranee-Captain of DY Series freighter, 
Grenther-Chancellor of Tarsus, 
Slon-Orion Pirate, Ruthless, Deceptive, Crafty, 


Character List: 2231 - 2241

U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-915, (2231) Federation Ranger Class Explorer, Commissioned in 2215
Captain: Commander Robert April (was Captain Julia Hendersworth:Female, Deceased)
Bridge Officer: Lieutenant Commander Edgar Eastwood
Number One: Lieutenant Commander Tiah(Trill)
Helmsman: Lieutenant Amelia Young
Tactical: Ensign Kevin Eldridge (alt-Ensign Arnold Richland)
Communications: Ensign Charlene Stone-Eldest child (alt-Ensign Mr.Sevik)
Yeoman: Ensign Janis Stone (acting Lieutenant Junior Grade-2231)
Science Officer: Lieutenant Junion Grade Harold Hersey
Medical: Doctor Donald Dunn
Engineering: Lieutenant Elvis Stone
Transporter Chief: Elbmum
Chief Cook: Doctor Yelon (Denobulan Male. Son of Phlox, Dietician)
Assistant Cook: Bobby "Buddy" Baxter
Security Chief: Lieutenant Rebecca "The Boss" Stevens
Teren, a Tellerite Botonist
Pshel, a Denobulan Anomaly study program
Terrance Clearwater, Studies astrological timelines
Mr.T'Gren, a Vulcan Planetary Studies Professor
Runningbear, Stellar Cartography
Dusty "Beard" Gibbons, Spacial Anomalies
Admiral Grenwhich (Fleet Admiral-Starbase 1-Robert's Fleet Admiral-Has Grudge against Robert-
Admiral Lister (Starfleet Intelligence-Starbase 7-home of the 7th Fleet-
Telar Turr (Liason to Admiral Lister-
Commodore Van Anling (SanFransisco fleetyards-Lead Designer-
Commander Yang (commander at Starbase Eight-
Admiral Cajal (Mars Fleet Yards-Lead Designer-Has Grudge against Robert-
Admiral Henry Porter (Has Grudge against Robert-
Admiral Fortenberry (Is on Robert's side-
Admiral Archer (Is on Robert's side-
Admiral Cotame (Jupiter Fleet Yard-Lead Designer-Is on Robert's side-
Admiral Robertson (Is on Robert's side-
Admiral Howell (Is on Robert's side-
Admiral Malloy (Is on Robert's side-
Commander Ashley Anderson (Captain of the Patrol craft Zypher-
Lieutenant Commander Peterson (Challenger Crew member-
Admiral Burkens (Starbase 8-