What should I add to the "FAQ's" page? Any Suggestions? Place them in the "Feedback" Section.

Q-How do you determine what Information that you use?

A-First and Foremost, I use 'CANNON' Information (from the TV series and Movies). Secondly, I use Information from Published Information that are from the TV Series and Movies, Including 'Sourcebooks'. Thirdly, I use Information from Novels and Books. Fourth, I use Information that I find on the Internet that have no backing but make sense. Finally, I make Crap up.

Q-Where do you get your Internet Information?

A-See the "Resources;" Page. (Some Sites you have to Join First)

Q-Do you use Scientific Information?

A-Sometimes. Mainly based off of Isaac Asimov's Series of Books.

Q-Do you create 3D Mesh and Skin Starships?

A-No. I can do the 3D Solids in AutoCAD to keep everything within their relative Sizes. Otherwise I Paint everything. However, it is something that I would like to Learn.

Q-What "Timeline" Do you use?

A-'CANNON', based off of the TV Series and Movies. I adjust for FASA and other timelines.

Q-Can I add a Story?

A-If enough Requests come in I will make a Specific Page for Other's who want to Show their Writing Talent. Of course the Story will be the Intellectual property of it's writer. Make Requests in the 'Feedback' section.

Q-Is this a PBeM RPG (Play by e-Mail Role Playing Game) Site?

A-No. I have no intention to make this site into one. If Enough requests come in, I will create a Site for the PBeM RPG. It will be based on the timeline Starting in 2215. Make Requests in the 'Feedback' Section.

Q-How many books in your Writing?

A-Four (4). Divided into seperate era's in the main character's life.

Q-Why did you want to put so much time into figuring out the Warp Drives/Nacelles?

A-Accuracy. I wanted to be as accurate as I possibly could in the current technologies. I also did this with the Events in History within the character's timeline. This was also to ensure continuity between all of the previouse books and Approved Role Playing Games.

Q-Why is the History of the Lead Character so Important?

A-It's not just about the Lead Character. There is a Dynamic that sets up the Pre-History to The Original Series. The Design of the CONSTITUTION Class Starship from Concept to Reality (per 'Cannon') with the Original Designer and the One person that oversaw the construction of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.

Q-Why don't you make the lead character as 'Historic' as The Original Series Character?

A-That is not for me to Judge. I am just writing about the man. It will be for others to judge.

Q-Why do you go through so many Warp Drive/Nacelle Changes?

A-WIth time Technology Advances, and the CONSTITUTION Class was the Lead Character's Design Study to Personally answer a few questions on Starship design, and having a history in the design field he was able to make contacts and have other well respected designers to confer to. I Also keep discovering new Warp Drives/Nacelles, and to stay true to the Basis of the Story I have to make appropiate changes to reflect what was said or described in other written material.