In accordance with all the Information on the "RANGER" Class U.S.S. Challenger it was Underpowered to function at the desired levels, thus the reason for the 2179 SWT-6 (FFTL-1B) Nacelles, which would not be upgraded until 2230 era to the 2204 CWD-2A (FFTL-4B) Nacelles which would help the Science ship perform well into the 23rd Century.


I would eventually like to learn to make Meshes and Skin them, and then to provide proper lighting from external sources and from internal sources as well. I would like to make the Starships more realistic. Maybe I may meet someone by doing this project that has that capability and they would help or share.

Added 118 Plaques. Have over 118 to go. Then to combine them with their Nacelle and...Just realized that I have to make a Plaque thet outlines the Performance of Each Nacelle. That's at least another 118 Plaques. At least I have a routine (System) down. Soon there will only be 188 "Booklet" Covers with up to 3 Plaques on each. Manufacturers, Military, and Performance. The Black and White of the Nacelle (Seen on this page) turned out really well and will serve it's purpose. I just have to do that 118 times.